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100 Most Successful Women Around the World Vol.2

Build Success From Scratch

If you are a woman in business or thinking about going into business, this book is filled with wisdom from women who have overcome great odds to achieve their dreams, succeed, and help other women on their road to entrepreneurship. This book will have a life-changing impact on your life. There are two ways to grow in life; we either learn from our trials and errors, or we learn from the experiences of others and their achievements. Life balance is a big challenge for today’s woman, family, career, entrepreneurship, children, home, health, personal development, and so much more.

Topics Covered In This Book

This book is filled with wisdom from women who have overcome great odds to achieve their dreams, succeed, and help other women on their road to entrepreneurship. A must-read for life-changing impact!

Forty-Eight phenomenal businesswomen around the world have gathered to share their stories from many sectors and cultures that have achieved balance, and daily routines, and see challenges as opportunities. These amazing women are making a positive, worldly impact on the world.

Mission and Vision

Each lady stated her Mission and Vision for her business and why her business was a dream she had to pursue.

Shared Stories

Success did not happen overnight. The ladies share how they started from scratch and through their personally designed steps to build successful businesses also discovered a secret formula and their ultimate business solution they open-heartedly shared with you readers.

Big Why

Discover your Big Why and go after your dreams. Live life to the fullest potential. Dare to play Big and impact millions.

Aha Moment Epiphany 

Reading about their “Aha Moments” and their “First Signs of Success” clearly showed how their passions for their businesses brought them happiness and the continued motivation to strive to make their businesses the best they could.

Secret Formula

Every coauthor in the book shares their secret formula which they share to provide education, training, tools, strategies, and outstanding leadership to help elevate other women globally. Together we make a difference and impact millions around the world. 

Ultimate Solutions

The 48 phenomenal women in this book share their ultimate solution. They took those challenges and polished them by learning from their experience. They talk their walk and are paving the way for you to reach greatness and generations to come.


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Meet Maria Renee Davila

Maria-Renee Davila Macias, originally from Bolivia, is the founder and CEO of the Global Trade Chamber, an international chamber of commerce with headquarters in the US, helping companies to start, grow and connect worldwide. She produces and manages international business events around the globe.Ms. Davila is the Founder of the 100 Successful Women in Business Network, a division of the Global Trade Chamber that empowers, connects, recognizes, and teaches women from many nations of all ages to start and grow a successful organization.  Maria Renee is also the publisher of the Women in Business Magazine and the Global Trade Chamber Magazine. She is the producer and host of several online streaming TV shows including Success Stories and Meets the Experts. In 2021 she launched the 100 Most Successful Women Around the World Book Volume I, which became a bestseller.  For over 12 years Maria Renee has been teaching business for higher education in several universities in the USA.